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Outcome of the Gastronomy Workshop led by Miguel Angel de la Cruz


    Tapas made by the students of the Hattori Nutrition College exhibited at the Spanish embassy in Tokyo.


    Students of the workshop follow Miguel Ángel de la Cruz’s instructions at the   Hattori Nutrition College.
    Foto: Kohji Shiiki

    The tapas made by the students attending the workshop  tried  to follow the  instructions given on the first day by chef Miguel Ángel de la Cruz , who created an example of some of the most common tapas of Spanish gastronomy such as croquettes,  patatas bravas (fried potatoes with hot tomato sauce), bread and tomato, or Spanish omelette. When the students made theirs, they introduced the flavours of their own country creating very suggestive innovations.

    Red and brown  croquettes, made of salmon and sea bream, seasoned with Yuzu pepper sauce and Ponzu vinegar , were made by Tatsuhiko Nagashima and Kosuke Zushi.
    Foto: Paula Fujiwara


    The creations made with Spanish “Serrano” ham brought from Spain were produced by Japanese Ryu Minemura and Korean Huseok Lee. The former prepared it with a cube of fresh tofu and miso. The latter gave it a Korean touch and gochujang ( a Korean paste made with paprika) sesame seeds, rice, egoma and nori were added.
    Foto: Paula Fujiwara


    Shun Ishii and Hironori Shiraishi created a very special version of a Spanish omelette by scrambling the egg in a kimpira  (a Japanese technique used in sauté vegetables and other foods) made of gobo, carrots, onions, ohba and other herbs. The potato was replaced by thin slices of fried lotus.
    Foto: Motokiyo Shiga/Hattori.ac.jp


    Kotaro Yamashita and  Takuya Hisano were so bold as to make  the patatas bravas saku saku style. For the hot sauce they used drops of three different colours: green, red and white, each of them spicier than the previous one.
    Foto: Motokiyo Shiga/Hattori.ac.jp


    Yuta Komagamine and  Kazuki Takanami made the dessert, a delicious  Mont Blanc with chestnut nougat and raspberry coulis.
    Foto: Motokiyo Shiga/Hattori.ac.jp