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Tapa as Haiku: video of the design and gastronomy workshops in Tokyo.


    This video gives an overview of the design and gastronomy workshops lead by Luis Urculo and Miguel Angel de la Cruz and the event where the outcomes of these workshops were presented at the Spanish embassy in Tokyo.

    Some beautiful images of Luis Urculo and Miguel Angel de la Cruz while visiting the city of Tokyo serve as the opening for the video.


    The workshop leaders explaining the outcomes of these.

    Then, on another lovely autumn morning, they walk around the famous Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo where they had time to sit down and comment on their experiences of their own workshops.

    Some sequences of the development of the workshops can be seen on the video presentation.  Also several shots of the Hattori Nutrition College as the students were creating the tapas, and footage of the Library hall at the Spanish embassy while the design workshop attendees decided how to present the visual summary of the book they had chosen.

    The most amusing moment came when chef Miguel Angel de la Cruz gave the tapas he had created   for the presentation event for Luis Urculo to taste. How lucky Luis was to discover the deceptive visual trick behind the chestnut and to experience the disappointment in the attractive but bland-tasting golden spheres.


    The explanations of the Workshops were followed by the attendees, who filled the Embassy’s library hall.

    Fotografía: HATTORI NUTRITION COLLEGE / 服部栄養専門学校