DIMAD explora en di_food las relaciones entre el diseño y la gastronomía. En di_food tendrá cabida cualquier formato: exposiciones, talleres, encuentros, presentaciones, banquetes, conferencias… todo lo que favorezca la interacción entre estas dos disciplinas.

Tapa as Haiku: the invitations and the poster designed by Tres Tipos Graficos for this workshop.


    Here is the poster and invitations for the event where the outcomes of the workshops were exhibited at the Spanish embassy in Tokyo.


    Poster for the workshops that were distributed around Tokyo.

    The designers from Tres Tipos Gráficos were in charge of the graphic design and website. The graphic concept created for this first workshop can be used on future occasions. The different formats and subjects that can be created for future programmes of di-food will have multiple graphic variations that may be modified according to the design created by this team from Madrid. On this occasion they used the image that Luis Urculo created for the Tapa as Haiku workshop that they have adapted for this event. The website development has been created by Cisco Calero.

    Thanks to everyone for your dedication and for doing such a great job.


    Invitation in Japanese and spanish sent to those invited to attend the event at the Embassy of Spain in Tokyo.