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Introducing the Tapa as Haiku Workshop within the Tokyo’s Designers’ Week


    On Sunday 27th October, the exhibition Tapas. Spanish Design for Food was introduced at the TDW, together with the tapas workshops to be held as the exhibition is relocated at the Spanish Embassy.


    Attendees from left to right: Miguel Albero, AC/E Programme Director, Juli Capella, curator of the Tapas exhibition, Jaime Hayón, guest designer, and Luis Úrculo who spoke about the workshops Tapa as Haiku.


    On Sunday 27 October the Tapas Spanish Design for Food exhibition, (http://www.accioncultural.es/es/tapas_spanish_design_for_food), was introduced within the TDW, together with the tapas workshops (http://www.accioncultural.es/es/tapa_como_haiku) to be held so as to make the visits to the exhibition more dynamic. On the occasion of its relocation in the Spanish Embassy, two workshops will be held in Tokyo, one at the Spanish Embassy in Japan, the other at the Hattori Nutritional College. This introduction took place at one of the marquees in which the TDW is taking place and where the exhibition is being held. Attendees at the presentation were AC/E Programme Director, Miguel Albero, the Tapas Spanish Design for Food curator, guest designer Jaime Hayón, who was also exhibiting  retrospective samplings of his work under the name Backstage, and Luis Úrculo who had been commissioned to introduce the Workshops organised by DIMAD in cooperation with AC/E.

    Tapa as Kaiku is the name of these workshops aiming to present a clearer picture of what the Tapas culture is about and to connect the idea with the Japanese character. The brief Japanese poems aim to condense universal experiences into very specific situations. Colour appreciation, the noise made by a frog leaping in a pond,  a specific scent, they can all express the arrival of a given season, the end of a happy dream or forgotten memories from childhood. Despite its brevity, the poet manages to recreate a full story in just three verses.


    Imagen del taller de Diseño realizado por Luis Úrculo

    The day of the opening started off rather cold in Tokyo, as can be easily noticed in the photograph above. To try to keep warm, Miguel Albero kept the knot on his scarf tight, Juli had his designer cap well down while warming his hands between his legs and Jaime Hayón even ran a few paces up and down the stage to keep both audience and himself warm (although this is not shown in the picture). Only Luis Úrculo, who came better prepared for the occasion, appeared somewhat more relaxed. The opening served to highlight the good times Spanish design is going through, with three of its best current designers performing the role of ambassadors to all those who had some work pieces exhibiting.