DIMAD explora en di_food las relaciones entre el diseño y la gastronomía. En di_food tendrá cabida cualquier formato: exposiciones, talleres, encuentros, presentaciones, banquetes, conferencias… todo lo que favorezca la interacción entre estas dos disciplinas.

Spread design
and gastronomy

The union between design and gastronomy develops naturally. Gastronomy goes beyond the need of being fed just as design goes beyond the need of making. We want to spark creativity between both disciplines so that the resulting ideas are instilled in each one of them individually. In order to spread these exchanges, DIMAD opens a new stream of exploration that we have called di_food, an open channel for experimentation in design and gastronomy.

The Madrid Designers’ Association (DIMAD) was created with the main objective of becoming a strategic benchmark for the promotion, projection and dissemination of design culture with society as a whole as the final recipient. DIMAD is a bridge between business people, public institutions, design schools and professionals which defends the significant role Madrid is currently playing within Spanish design as well as the huge potential of this region to become the centre of urban culture and economic activity.